Hail Damage

Hail impacts all forms of shingles and can cause more damage than most would expect. Hail damage can cause immediate damage after a storm, but most of the time it causes slow damage overtime that homeowners do not notice until it is too late. That is why it is important for homeowners to get their roof inspected after most major hail storms.
Hail impacts asphalt shingles, causing granular loss from the face of the shingle. This exposes the matting underneath, which now makes the shingle susceptible to damage from the suns rays. Over time, this causes the shingle to dry and crack, which can turn into a leak.

Identifying Hail Damage

Hail Damage Factors
Shingles can react differently when struck by hail. As an example, hail damage to asphalt and composition shingles can look very different than hail damage to wood shingles. It is important to know the different effects of the damage to properly identify whether or not you have roof damage from hail.
Asphalt and Composition Shingles Hail Damage
Random damage with no discernible pattern.
Hail hits that are black in color.
Loss of granules, which may expose the roof felt.
Asphalt and/or mat that appears shiny.
Hail hits that are soft to the touch, like the bruise on an apple.
Wood Shingles Hail Damage
Random damage with no discernible pattern.
A split in the shingle that is brown/orange in color.
A split in the shingle that has sharp corners and edges.
A split in the shingle that has little to no deterioration at the edges.
Impact marks or dents along the splits.
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